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Cooperation in the collaboration concept between the domains product development, production planning, production, production system and idea management.



o meet the dynamic challenges in productive operation, production processes in today’s manufacturing companies are subject to constant change as the result of continuous improvement processes on the shop floor.

It is often the case that dynamic changes made on the shop floor do not result in an updating of the planning parameters in production planning. When a product modification is introduced, discrepancies between the planned environment and the actual production conditions result in planning errors and time-consuming post-processing. To avoid this additional overhead, the production planning process must be firmly integrated in the information flows relating to the physical production environment and resources. These challenges are being addressed by the Digital Manufacturing project group with the aim of integrating planning to a greater extent in information flows in order to minimize discrepancies between virtual planning presuppositions and the physical reality. This involves transferring the experience gained on the shop floor to production planning and optimizing IT support for enhanced information processes.

Based on the precepts of engineering change management (ECM, VDA 4965), a concept for integrated information management was developed. The integration capabilities of Manufacturing Change Management (MCM) in practice were validated by including real-life information processes employed by users and the creation of practice-relevant use cases.

Building on the MCM specified in the first step, a concept for collaboration between the domains product development, production planning, production, production systems and idea management was developed. A MCM-Prototype for an easy management of changes was realized. The results will now be evaluated in practice and then documented.

The PDTec AG is a partner in this collaboration concept.

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