Managing the huge and constantly increasing amount of simulation data became an increasing challenge in ADAS-related Simulations and Virtual Test Driving for many companies: The need for global engineering collaboration and traceability of all simulation data requires a professional data management system. Even more so, only managed, structured and qualified data enables the usage of data-intensive technologies and practices, like AI, machine-learning or management by statistical insights.

To help solving these challenges, PDTec now provides a data management solution for IPG CarMaker: SDM4CM

SDM4CM enables

  • Transparency & Traceability
    • Data Structure Versioning
    • Where-Used Analysis
    • Meta Data & Search Functions
  • Collaboration & Reuse
    • References instead of Copies
    • User Workspace Synchronization
    • Branch, Diff & Merge Support
    • Library Data Managment
  • Security & Organization
    • Central Data Storage & Backup
    • User Management & Access Control
    • HPC / Batch Processing

SDM4CM manages CarMaker-related data across global teams and departments in one centralized database.

All CarMaker workspace data, such as chassis parameters, scenario files, FMU models or test runs, is checked in to and checked out from SDM4CM with minimal user effort.

SDM4CM then makes the simulation data available within the global corporation. enabling access control, data tracking, versioning, variant and quality management as well as reuse in new developments.

SDM4CM was designed to complement CarMaker as an open platform: The architecture offers well-defined customization and extension points, libraries and services, to efficiently integrate new tools, data types, services and processes.

SDM4CM’s data and processing architecture was designed to support large-scale scenario or product variant simulations.

Bidirectional relations of CarMaker data and typical systems engineering metadata, for example issue-, requirements- or test data management, can be easily established via PDTec’s Backend Connectors.

SDM4CM Features

  • HTML Web User Interface
  • Workspace Client
  • Model, Parameter Set and Test Run Management
  • Versioning, Release and Data Freeze Management
  • Data Model Customization
  • Graphical Structure Views
  • Service-oriented Software Architecture
  • Scripting / Service Integration API
  • HPC / Batch Processing
  • Multisite Installation


SDM4CM will provide a professional enterprise wide simulation data management solution for global companies to manage all their ADAS and Virtual Test Drive simulations for faster and optimized developments.

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