Adapting to the engineers needs

Modules can enhance and expand the functionality of SimData Manager for every use case.

CAD Import Client

  • Manual/interactive import of PDM/CAD data
  • Extended mapping functionality/engine
  • Adaptable for special application (format, PDM,etc.)
  • Supports various metadata formats (csv, PLMXML)
  • Provides preview of the CAD/PDM structure created in SimData Manager
  • Certain PDM data can be deselect and will not be imported

CAE Offline Client

  • Manual/interactive import of CAE data
  • Supports the “offline” meshing process
  • For outsourcing to external service providers
  • Supports definition of attributes during upload

CAD-CAE Mapping Manager

  • Automates recurring CAD updates from PDM
  • Template Builder to map CAD models from various Assemblies
  • Build CAE Assembly from multiple CAD trees
  • Reuse the CAD Mapping Template
  • Filter rules based on regular expressions

CAE Part Manager

  • Reuse of existing CAE models
    • CAE representations of a single part (e.g. midsurface, cleanup geometry, various FE meshes (density, mesh type, properties, …))
    • CAE Assemblies (CAE module)
  • Provides functionality to create packages (e.g. for suppliers, engineering service providers, …).

Workflow Builder

  • Graphical interactive Workflow module
  • Recurring processes for reuse
  • Capture of standard methods (key users)
  • Extensive logical decision criteria’s
  • Able to embed external scripts

Report Manager

  • (Semi) Automatic report generation supported by:
    • Report Template builder for standard reports
    • Report Preview: apply a template and preview in SDM, ability to modify interactively e.g. curve zoom, …)
    • Report Generator: generates PPT from actual view

Sync Tool

  • Syncronization of authoring tools in offline mode
  • Local folder checkout´s will be in sync with the SimData Manager database

Console Interface (batch API)

  • Access of SimData Manager data (export/import) via command line
  • Allows (automated) import and export of files


  • Storage of highly confidential data in a separate vault
  • Supports high security & safety standards

Python API

  • Supports external Python scripts / applications
  • Supports the development of customer specific functions
  • Supports the development of automation tools to capture domain-specific processes
  • API concept

Python Debugger

  • Development tool for Python scripts
  • Supports debugging during development
  • SimData Manager is a web application, debugging takes place on a “test server” (not at the production instance)
  • Python Debugger can also provide 5 additional installations for SimData Manager, which might be installed locally on the computer of the developer (for this specific case, the full installation would be on client).

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