SimData Manager supports all phases of the CAE process


Step 1: Import PDM data

  • CAD Import (using client application)
  • Representation of PDM data in SimData Manager
  • Information about CAD parts
    • Existing CAE representations (E.g. converted models, midsurface, meshes)
    • Versions of parts

Importing PDM data into SimData Manager

Step 2: Data aquisition

  • Filter mechanism
  • Apply filter on current PDM data
  • Search for actual/newer (relevant) CAD parts
  • Selection of relevant parts using graphical viewer

Step 3: Meshing & Assembling

  • Part Manager
    • Search for existing CAE single part representations (for selected parts)
    • Search for existing CAE modules (for selected parts)
  • Batchprocessing
    • Export to preprocessor
    • Import of processed files into SimData Manager
  • Interactive work with FE-preprocessor (e.g. HyperMesh)
    • Open in FE-preprocessor
    • Write back from FE-preprocessor

Step 4: Run model configuration

  • Setup initial run model
  • Derive run model based on existing model
    • Replace CAE modules in run model
    • Search for newer CAE modules
  • Use predefined set of CAE modules

Step 5: Jobsubmit to Postprocessing

  • Jobsubmit
  • Solving: e.g. Optistruct
  • Import of results
  • Load solver results in FE-postprocessor (e.g. HyperView)

Step 6a: Curve comparison

  • Different functions for curve compare
    • Attribute based curve compare
      • Trace along parameter (e.g. messure point) through data
    • Compare selected curves for set of runs in one diagram
    • Compare each curve for set of runs in separate diagram
  • Change diagram settings
    • Zoom of axis
    • Color of runs
    • etc.
  • Save comparison in report

Step 6b: Image comparison

  • Functions for attribute based image compare
    • General Trace along parameter (e.g. messure point) through data
    • F1: Show corresponding image for set of runs next to each other
    • F2: Show image for each run and switch runs
  • Save comparison in report
  • Start curve compare for selected set of runs

Step 7: Reporting

  • Compare runs based on standard report
  • Generate powerpoint
  • Report-Manager
    • Default report settings for frames
    • Powerpoint settings
    • Create frames
      • Value table
      • Bar chart diagram
      • Curve diagram
      • DNA plot

Step 8: Graphical Workflow Builder


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