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New functions for optimized collaboration

Karlsruhe – March 12, 2019 – PDTec enhances the functionality of its PDM-Light-System with CAD Portal release 3.4 and provides new functions to the users for optimized collaboration.

Optical highlight of the new functions is the possibility for 3D visualization of assembly structures. Many information details about the status of design data is available by colors on the 3D geometry and attributes can be displayed on hovering.

CAD Portal 3.4 additionally includes management of variants, which allows to mark any elements in a CAD assembly with variants conditions while project specific filters allow their evaluation. CAD Integration Client now supports working in multiple structure configurations with individual tree views.

Additional highlight is the new reporting functionality, available identically in Web interface as well as CAD Integration Client. Different types of reports and the possibility to define project specific reports allow manifold analysis on folders and CAD documents.

Various technical improvements have been integrated. The typing for Versions of NX® data shall be pointed out, which distinguishes between Assembly-, Component- (geometry), Drawing, and Mixed.


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